As A Tesla owner, you've invested in an electric work of art. You are riding in the vanguard of electric vehicles and technology. We can only guess how much you love your new Tesla and have developed a comprehensive system to protect it from the perils of the world.

Paint protection film is the ultimate protection for your Tesla. Whether you're engaging in some spirited ludicrous mode driving, facing a New England Winter or simply parking in a crowded parking lot, paint protection film can give you the peace of mind that your paint won't get damaged.

Just like your Tesla, this is top of the line technology. Even though the film can be virtually invisible - unless you choose stealth PPF - it absorbs rock chips, road hazards and door dings by providing a urethane covering for your car. This top of the line technology is also self healing which means the film will look great for years.    e.

Tesla Paint Protection

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Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings For Teslas

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